Vastly Outnumbered

So, Trinity and I are officially vastly outnumbered in our living conditions.  We now have 5 teenage guys in addition to Daddy and Daniel Josiah who live with us. And then there are those who THINK they live with us, And then there are the friends of those who live with us, plus the friends of those who think they live with us…boys on the couch, boys in the office, boys in the attic, boys in the basement…lots and lots of boys around our dinner table.   Fortunately, Trinity isn’t at the age yet to vie for the one bathroom or the food in our house.  And she’s happy with all the guys who think she’s adorable. Daddy says that they can only think she’s adorable until she’s three and then all boys have to bug off until she’s thirty.  We’ll definitely have to reexamine our home as a “boys refuge” when Trinity is older because Daddy’s gotta protect his little princess. In the mean time,  Mommy will keep opening the door  to these “lost boys of Newark” as she calls them… feeding their hearty appetites as we attempt to get to their heart appetites hidden behind the facades, the rough and tough attitudes, or their general apathy towards life and ambition. They need direction, they need a family, they need a daddy, they need THE Daddy. 


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