Meet a Modern Day Hero

He may not fly.

He may not shoot webs out his hands.

He may not fight crime by beating up the bad guys and getting them shipped off to prison.

But he is a hero.

In fact, this hero fights crime by LOVING the gangster.  By being the bad guy’s friend.  By giving the teen just out of prison a safe place to come home to.

He lives and labors and loves in Newark, NJ.

His name is David Comeau.

Two weeks ago, our good friend, David, came to visit us.  Now, more than ever, David is a hero in my eyes, as he is in so many little eyes that look up to him every day.  David is loving and laboring for the precious kids, teens, and families that we had to leave behind in Newark.  What great comfort it was to us, as we prepared to move to Orlando, to know that someone who loved Jesus so much would also love our “spiritual children” that we were leaving behind.

We met David over three years ago, when he came up to Newark during one of his college’s long weekends.  I guess he fell in love with the place.  He then returned for every spring break trip that his college took to Newark (even leading it a couple of times).  He returned for a summer internship, spearheading a summer camp smack dab IN the housing projects.  And now that he has graduated college, he has committed three years of  his life to discipling “the least of these”…. You know, those young African American men, who are often just statistics.  The ones that usually drop out of high school only to land themselves in prison…or vise versa.  He is giving them vision for life beyond joining the local gang and bumming their life away.  He meets with them once a week to get them reading the Bible.  He invests in their lives and listens to their stories.  He gives them responsibilities (at our after school program) so that they can gain confidence in themselves as contributing members of society.  He takes them on trips to visit colleges, giving them sweet glimpses of opportunities beyond what they had ever imagined.  He teaches them of their Savior so that they might begin living life for a Kingdom FAR greater than “which Crip runs what street”.

Danny and I know all too well, the burdens that he daily carries…the emergencies that he has to come running to aid in….the heartache of seeing so many people living in daily sufferings far beyond what most of us could imagine… the sheer number of people looking to you to be their only friend, strong place, helping hand, spiritual advisor…the physical needs that people come to him with, that need money, money he doesn’t have.

Despite the odds stacked against him, and the odds stacked against the people he daily serves, he continues on with supernatural strength–not flight, or arms of steel, or lightning quick reflexes, but with

LOVE (from the God who IS love)

PATIENCE (from the perfectly patient Father)

PERSEVERANCE (from the One who endured the cross)

HOPE (from the One who is preparing a place for us)

VISION (from the eyes of the Great Redeemer of brokenness)

David overcomes evil because the One who overcame the Evil One lives in him.  He’s being the hands and feet and heart of Jesus, the Restorer God, the Healing God, THE Mighty Hero.

To check out MORE heros in Newark, NJ and what they are up to go to                     Safe Haven’s website

David was a hero in our kids hearts too...they LOVED hanging out with him (dont mind Danny in this picture, he was sick with strep throat..)

Our kids loved wrestling with David AND cuddling with him.

From the Mouthes of Babes…#2

If we were doing superlatives in this Iverson family, Trinity would surely win one for saying the most amusing and convicting things…

Today while Trinity was wiping down the table she was singing while she worked…

OH! how I love  Jesus!!

oh, HOW I love Jesus!!

oh, how I love Jesus!!

oh, how I LOVE Jesus!!

oh, how I love JESUS!!!

(Evidently, I need to teach her the rest of the song)

And her prayer the other day at breakfast:

“Thank you, God, for LOTS of food….and commandments!

(I’m sure God doesn’t hear THAT one too frequently)

And her breakfast prayer the day before the big yard sale,

“Please, God, help us get forty thousand monies for our new cousins at the yard sale”

(She has some BOLD faith! 🙂 )

I just had to….

I just had to post this because Benjamin is so stinkin’ cute and the boy likes to eat (and now we have more evidence than just his enormous thunder thighs to prove it)

Benjamin’s first meal

Suburbia, Yard Sales, and the Orphan’s Cry

Just the other day I was reading in Exodus 22:23-24: “Do not take advantage of a widow or an orphan. If you do and they cry out to me, I will certainly hear their cry. My anger will be aroused and I will kill you with the sword,; your wives will become widows and your children fatherless.” That’s pretty intense. And horrifying. And God is showing He means business about orphans and widows. Its easy to say “Oh, well I’ve never taken advantage of them.” But then it struck me, here in suburbia, I take advantage of them simply by not having to listen to them, or see them, or know their stories and their heartaches. I see so little deep suffering around me. I live on the side of town where I don’t have to come face to face with constant need, and want, and brokenness, and desperation. I don’t have to hear the orphan’s cry, so I can occupy myself with lesser things…things easier to stomach…more enjoyable to engage in…on the surface this seems desirable, but deep down the desire to know God and the things close to His heart, pushes me to scream “NO!! I WILL hear their cry… I will MAKE myself hear it…and I will DO something about it, by God’s grace, I will be HANDS and FEET of compassion!”

Danny and I would LOVE to be in an adoption process right now, but the door has firmly been shut (or not so firmly, because my Father is the Mover of mountains, we’ll see Him move them in His timing, I am sure of it), and we cannot be actively seeking to be a family that an orphan comes home to. BUT, joy upon JOY, my best friend (who also happens to be my sister-in-law) (and who also happens to be living 10 houses down from me during seminary) IS in the process of adopting two precious little baby boys from Ethiopia. So I am seeking to do everything in my power to help bring these babies home.

This is how we arrive at yard sales. Being a stay-at-home mother of four young kids doesn’t exactly put you in the 6 figure salary bracket (or, as a matter of fact, ANY salary bracket) to fund an international adoption, but, shoot, I can ask friends for junk they don’t want and I can try to sell it at yard sales (and THAT is actually ONE good thing about suburbia, or my side of town-yard sales are quite popular) SO, I will sort through boxes and boxes of “junk” and put little price tags on each item, I will incessantly bombard Craigslist with advertisements of our adoption yard sales, I will lend my garage as storage space, even to the point where I can’t even find my recycling bin or trash can, I will rise early (and I mean early!), to set things up before the early birds begin pouring into the driveway, ALL because I want these baby boys to come home to this family who will love them, care for them, and teach them about life…and most importantly, the GIVER of Life. I WILL hear their cry. And I will not take advantage.

Our most recent Yard Sale endeavors.

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Would anyone reading this like to HEAR and respond to the orphan? To not take advantage of the orphan’s distance from your own life, your own living room, your own yard? We’re looking for 25 people to hold yard sales where ever they are, and then send the proceeds to Sara’s adoption agency under “Eric and Sara-Beth Noll” to go towards their account. We’re looking for 25 sales to go on between now and July 16. Contact me if you’re interested!

To read up on their adoption process, visit their blog.

*Stay posted for pictures of our upcoming sale this Sat., April 16…and if you are in the area, come SHOP!

Blog Idolatry on the Altar

Here I make some confessions, very humbling ones, that expose the twistedness of my heart….the other night I spent three hours (into the wee hours of the morning) working on putting another blog post up and then perusing a bunch of other people’s blogs…that was three hours compared the the groggy 30 minutes that I spent reading God’s Word at 6 am that morning. Now, I’ve only been back at this blogging thing for a couple of weeks now, and it is alarming how easily blog idolotry has crept into my heart.  The whole reason I started blogging again was because I felt the Lord leading me to….but look how quickly I have started to find my identity in a stupid online “journal” and the responses I get from people concerning it. I have checked out and compared myself to other bloggers, belittling myself when I know I will not be able to keep up with how diligent others blog, or what beautiful pictures they post of living overseas or the deep insights they have about parenting, or the cool features they have on their blogs like music playing and high tech links.  After that three hour session I got on my knees and confessed it to the Lord.  I have quickly let my heart look to a “blog presence” to find an identity, when the most wonderful identity has been purchased for me by the REAL blood (not cyberspace) of Christ.  I refuse to let this happen. I refuse to try to gain glory for myself, or build an identity for myself because God has already told me that the Lord is on high and He looks upon the lowly, but the proud he knows from afar.” (Psalm 138:6) I am not willing to be known from afar by the Only One who is worth knowing.  I refuse to indulge the thought that I might have something to share that would help or challenge someone.  I am an aweful, twisted, vain person.  No, don’t read this blog, shut your computer and go spend time at the feet of Jesus.  He is the only One worthy of listening to.  He wrote a blog called the Bible and its ALIVE and ACTIVE and its SHARP and it will cut you to the heart, and then Kimberly Iverson can’t take a lick of credit for challenging you.  It will all be Him and He’ll get the glory that is due His name.

As I prayed about what I should do, I didn’t feel like the Lord was telling me to quit blogging all together (although I would if He led me to). The legalistic part of me wanted to not ever post a blog entry on Facebook ever again (Danny said he didn’t think I should do that, either). But what I can do is cry out to the Holy Spirit to keep my heart in check (and get Danny to help me) and I can just quietly write for the audience of ONE.  (and maybe my sister..and dad… and my grandma… IF she can figure out how to get to my blog).  And that is it.  I would rather humble myself before the Lord than have to BE HUMBLED by Him, which He promises to do (Pr 3:34)  The wedge that pride and vain-glory creates in intimate fellowship with THE WORTHY ONE is just too high of a price.  

My prayer is that of A.W Tozer’s in The Pursuit of God

O God, Be Thou exalted over my reputation. Make me ambitious to please Thee even if, as a result, I must sink into obscurity and my name be forgotten as a dream.  Rise, O Lord, into Thy proper place of honor, above my ambitions, above my likes and dislikes, above my family, my health, and even my life itself. Let me sink that Thou mayest rise above.  Ride forth upon me as Thou didst ride into Jerusalem mounted upon the humbles little beast, a colt, the foal of an ass, and let me hear the children cry to Thee, “HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST”.  Amen.

Introducing….”From the Mouths of Babes” post #1

I have a little book that I started a couple of years ago that, that records funny things my kids say. I always wondered which of my four (and probably many more to come) kids would one day actually take posession of the book, BUT if I put the funny sayings in my blog, like my brilliant sister-in-law does, then they can ALL have access to the sayings (provided they have a computer and WiFi)…and so can their grandparents and aunts and uncles and Kortlyn (who is the only non-related person that might actually care) ok, and maybe Dilly and Kathy too. SO, here are just two recent snippets of conversations that quite amused me.

When I walked into the kitchen today, Trinity was busily at work on some puzzles and this was the dialogue with herself (and the Lord?) that I overheard:

Trinity: God helps me do puzzles…God helps me do beds (make beds)….God helps people learn about Jesus…God helps Daniel Josiah not hit me….

Trinity, my puzzle-doing-theologian

The other day in the car:
Daniel Josiah all of a sudden said “There’s a salami of the Lord up in Japan”…I was taken aback, wondering if maybe he was talking jibberish to himself…just putting random words together. I said “What??” “There’s a salami of the Lord up in Japan.” he repeated. I was silent for a while trying my very hardest to figure out what on earth he was talking about. salami…salami…kind of sounds like tsunami…”YOU’RE RIGHT, DJ!” God IS sending a tsunami of His grace and love into the lives of the Japanese.”


Katy-Grace awaiting the results of the CAT scan. By this time, she had had Mommy's undivided attention for the entire day, so she couldn't have been happier.

We had ALMOST made it. We were within 28 hours of Daddy’s return when the tornado sirens went off, the thunderstorms rolled in, and I huddled all the kids in the bathroom for fear that a tornado was going to hit. After a little bit, my phone rang, I got busy getting ready for the day, all the while eying the clock for how long I had till I had to get all four kids dressed, fed, teethe brushed, and ushered out the door in torrential downpours to get Daniel Josiah to preschool on time. Amidst the rushing about, I yelled to the kids to get off of the bathroom counter. A few minutes later, while changing when I heard a crash and crack! Katy-Grace lay on the tile floor gasping for little breaths in the midst of hard, long cries. I quickly swept her up in my arms, only to have her completely go limp. It was only several seconds before I was able to get her to regain consciousness, but even then her eyes were fluttering, and she seemed so dazed and out of it. A quick call to Sara-Beth down the street (who came down immediately), calls to several different doctors, a rushed feeding of Benjamin, and a collection of items to occupy my two year old in a waiting room…and I was off to Urgent Care…then there was the throwing up, and the attempt, upon arriving, to produce our insurance card only to realize that the other day when I caught the girls playing with my wallet I had failed to make sure that all of my cards had been returned. I sheepishly excused myself and told the attendant that we would be back after I ran home (in the still-torrentially down-pouring rain). A frantic call to Daniel Josiah to ask if he had ANY idea where the girls had put my cards (fortunately he had a very good and accurate guess!) The return to Urgent Care and a very serious talk with the physician who said Katy-Grace really needed a CAT scan to check for internal damage despite his hesitancy about exposing a two year old to that amount of radiation (ironic, I think, that we were so worried about Danny being exposed to radiation in Japan, all the while his two year old daughter was probably exposed to more of it that day than he ever was). More mad dashes to the car and back out again (yes, it was STILL torrentially pouring rain) as we proceeded on to the next phase of our adventure. At the radiologist Katy-Grace was then wrapped like a burrito in sheets, taped to the CAT scan bed (literally taped, including her head) and covered with a lead jacket (except for her head). I’ve never seen the peace of God flood someone like I did right then…During the wrapping and taping process Katy-Grace was screaming bloody-murder, but as I said a quick prayer over her before she started going down the “conveyer belt”, her screams subsided into an occasional whimper while the machine whirled about her head. Katy-Grace’s top hits playlist were sung consistently by Mommy with great enthusiasm (who was very thankful that her daughter had grown to love “Jesus loves me”, “I can’t do anything”, and “Blessed be your Name” so much). The technician was amazed that she had stayed so still, as the initial process hadn’t boded well. After a relatively short wait, the news came back. No severe head trauma. PRAISE THE LORD!

Daddy got home. YAY! Danny, Benjamin and I went on a wonderfully relaxing getaway to the beach….

and then the next wave of aftershocks. Benjamin spiked a fever the last day we were there. Ok, he’s teething I tell myself. The next day we get home and I check it…103.7. thats not good…more tylenol…104 a few hours later..a late night debate as to whether or not ANOTHER run to urgent care was ensuing. Let’s wait it out till the morning. Day three 104.5 and an Dr.’s appointment. He has a urinary tract infection, a skin infection, is prescribed multiple antibiotics and needs to be diligently consuming liquids because dehydration was imminent.

Danny is three weeks behind in schoolwork and is still battling jet lag. He’s “home” but not really.

Mommy’s energies and emotions are consumed with Benjamin.

The situation does not lend itself towards wonderful displays of the fruits of the Spirit, as Daniel Josiah so intuitively pointed out after I returned to the dinner table after tending to Benjamin for about 10 minutes, only to find lima beans and corn thrown all over the kitchen (Daddy had class and wasn’t there). “Mommy” he says, “you’re losing your patience.” “Thanks, honey…I hadn’t quite noticed.”

But as I swept the floor and cleaned the kitchen (by the way, sweeping up wet corn is NOT easy), while the kids unloaded the dishwasher, the Lord just spoke to my heart. “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour…” and I thought of Job who was attacked simply because he was following the Lord. Danny’s trip was wonderfully successful, the Lord displayed His great MIGHT in upholding the team and those left at home, and God has received Glory. The Kingdom has advanced. The Enemy is MAD. These are the aftershocks, and God’s Word is our firm foundation that we stand upon as the enemy tries to rock us from that place of resting.

For devotions (Danny was still at class) I looked up the I Peter 5 passage, to go over with the kids. “Be self-controlled (well, I already blew THAT mandate), and alert (at least the Lord alerted my mind after the fact). Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. (I’m sure the kids at times thought it was ME that was looking for someone to devour) Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.(the Japanese, the Libyans, the Pakistani to name a few, are undergoing MUCH worse) And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. To HIM BE THE POWER FOR EVER AND EVER. AMEN”

Utter failure on my part…but here is a hope-filled promise, that suffering is part of God’s call to eternal glory, that HE has the power, and that God is the God of all grace.
A little glimpse of that grace was displayed through my son tonight, after we read the passage and I told the kids I was sorry for loosing it. I said “Does Mommy need Jesus?” and he replied “Mommy, EVERYBODY needs Jesus.”

Through the aftershocks, in the midst of sin, for each moment, EVERYBODY NEEDS JESUS.

An Update on Japan – “Devastation and Redemption”

Here is a great video a guy named Shane who was on Danny’s team made. It shows the amazing work God is doing in Japan for His glory as the Gospel goes forth in power. It is so good to have Danny home but also so good to see how God worked in Japan through the team that was faithful to go. We are praying God will raise up more people to go and bless the nation of Japan. Follow Danny’s blog at for more reports on God’s work in Japan.

Daddy’s Home!!!!

On Friday morning at 11:30 our family was reunited again, after Danny/Daddy had been gone for 12 days.  The Lord upheld both he and us on the homefront in amazing ways.  Thank you to everyone who prayed for us and for this trip.  Those prayers were definitely felt, as the Lord carried us through that which we could not do in our own strength. The Lord worked mightily through the team that went to Japan, and their presence  brought great encouragement and a fresh wind to those are are laboring there long term. Also, the team was able to raise $80,000 to enable the Church to do what Christ has called it to do!  Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness!