Katy-Grace Growing Up

I thought these two videos of subsequent Easters was a funny juxtaposition of our sweet and crazy Katy-Grace. She can be such a joy and delight, and yet such a handful…We’re praying that God will take all that fire in her and funnel it for the Kingdom.  By the time she’s twenty she should be the most compassionate young woman you’ve ever met, if God answers all of our prayers (multiple times a day, after each disciplining!) that He would turn her hands (and teethe) into vehicles of compassion and mercy (instead of what they often are used for, of late).

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  1. Diane Jones
    May 26, 2011 @ 13:41:56

    Hi Kimberly—
    I love seeing these pics and videos of your sweet children. It makes being on facebook completely worth it. I had to laugh when I heard you almost call Katy Grace Trinity in the first video. It makes me think of my Mom who (it seemed to me sometimes) seldom got my name correct on the 1st try…I was 4th of four and she usually hit on one of my sibling’s names before mine. Makes me laugh!!
    See you all in a month+!!!!


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