Servant of All….

You know, sometimes, I get so ambitious and want to have such a big impact on the world for Christ. I want to be used in mighty ways to make His Name known, to bring lost hurting people into His family, to be a beacon of truth and light to the confused, dark, and broken world we live in.

And then the daily grind of my responsibilities (and FAILINGS) hit me in the face…poopy diapers, child discipline and training, sweeping the kitchen floor for the 19th time that day, not to mention the Mt. Everest of clean laundry (yet to be folded) that I have to leap over in my bedroom (which actually resembles more of an overflowing volcano after all the kids have trampled through it) etc. I don’t even have time to finish my cup of coffee in the morning, much less go out and win the world for Christ.

Well, one morning in July, while we were still at a camp where Danny was speaking  (who, by the way, WAS being used mightily to win people to Jesus-he had a captive audience of 500 twice a day…the Spirit was moving and kid’s lives were changing) I was able to rise ever so quietly without the kids waking in order to get some daily bread.

I read Mark 9:35, which says:

If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.

I copied the verse into my journal with this note “This is mothering! Being the servant of all-all the constant needs and demands of my children

I went on to write out the next few verses as well:

He took a little child and had him stand among them.  Taking him in his arms, he said to them, Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the One who sent me.”  Mark 9:35-37

There it is:  If I want to be great, or have a great impact, I must be the servant.  The servant of all the little unnoticed things…but things that ARE noticed, because when I wipe that nose, or that butt, when I give that embrace, when I wash that body, when I read that book, when I play in the pool, when I do each one of those things in the name of Jesus I am doing it to the Son of God and therefore I am doing it for the Creator God of the Universe. And HE’S the only audience worth obtaining.

BUT just to prove Himself faithful on His Word.(about exalting the humble and laying low the proud)

The very next morning, after I was once again reminded of the call to be the servant in the background, I found myself IN FRONT of those 500 teens and leaders at the camp sharing my testimony as to how faithful my Savior had been throughout my mom’s sickness and death, a 10 year battle with an eating disorder, the death of all my plans for my life, the loss of our second child to a miscarriage, and the sundry sufferings we walked through in Newark. I got to STAND UP and testify to the promise after promise that God had first given and then kept and I got to challenge the youth to embark on the journey of sitting daily at their Savior’s feet with His Word open and hearts attentive.   It was an unexpected privilege and a joy and a very important lesson.

For as we drove home from the camp, the Lord reminded me that He will use me as HE sees fit.  Whether that be wiping bottoms or speaking in front of a crowd.  And until I am content and joyful in doing the former, I am not qualified to participate in the latter.

In front of 4 kids or in front of 500, may my words bring glory to the Father.

For My Baby Boy-Benjamin Zion

Today I pulled out Benjamin’s “Baby’s First Year” calendar.  I had to peel it from the shelf because somehow, in the past SEVEN MONTHS and the heat and humidity of the summer,  it had adhesed to the shelf.  I hadn’t written in it since January or put a picture in it since November of last year.  Poor kid.  All the other kids have these elaborate baby books, but it kinda defeats the purpose of having a “First-Year” calendar if it takes over half a year to write in it.  SO, I’ve forgotten the exact date that he sat up by himself, and the exact date of when his first tooth came in, and when he first crawled. BUT he has been loved, and treasured and doted upon (sometimes a little too much) by each and every one of his family members.  So, sweet, content, baby boy, this photo albums for you.  My little Zion, I see God’s glory in you, and praise to God Most High springs from my heart when I look at you.

May this be a little “capturing” of what JOY you have brought our family these past six months….whether its in your first year calendar or not.

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From the Mouths of Babes…Clever little Katy-Grace

A few weeks ago Katy-Grace started some sort of role-playing scenario in an attempt to get her way…

First, she wanted to go down the big slide at camp a couple of weeks ago…”IIIIII BIG girl!” she repeatedly says…and of course, after we climb the stairs, I slide down to catch her at the bottom, and am ready for her, she starts crying because she’s scared…. Maybe not THAT big of a girl.

Then, during one of Daddy’s talks at the camp I told her she couldn’t have any more crackers because they were for Benjamin, and she says “IIIIII baaaabyyyyy!” (in a her high pitch voice).  Make up your mind, child. Big girl or baby?

This past week, she got even more crafty.  When Daniel Josiah had a friend over and they were diligently building Lego kingdoms, I told her she couldn’t go in the boys room. Then she exclaimed at the top of the stairs “IIIIII DEEEE Jaaayyyy”  Are you sure?, because last time I checked DJ didn’t have crazy curly hair and a voice so high that it could break glass.

And finally, I caught Katy-Grace rummaging through my purse and that only means one thing.  She was on the prowl for gum.  I told her she couldn’t have any gum and she looked up with her big brown eyes and said (again in her shrill voice)  “IIIIII Moooomeeeeee.”

She’s a smart cookie. that one. In her two-year old brain she really thought that she could play Mommy for a bit so she could chew gum. The past year this child has given me a run for my money.  She’s pushed me to my limits, which then pushed me to my knees in prayer.  Finally, we’re seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and she’s become an adorable joy whose fire and energy only occasionally drive me crazy now.

Here’s a few shots that attempt to capture her spunk:

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