From the Mouths of Babes


After Malachi was born, the three older kiddos received the GREAT treat of getting to go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom with my older brother, his wife, and my niece. They were spoiled by Uncle Ken and Aunt Susan, and had such a great time with their cousin and continue to talk about it.  Katy-Grace, especially was impressed by all the animals she got to see and is always saying, “When I went to Animal Kingdom Come….”  At first I didn’t understand why she always added the “come” part and then it hit….when she hears the word “kingdom” it is almost always as we pray the Lord’s prayer, “Thy Kingdom Come”, so of course, its “Animal Kingdom Come” because kingdoms, they come. Just as God’s is coming on earth as it is in heaven. And in the meantime, we’ll welcome anyone coming to the area for Disney’s kingdom.

A few shots of their Animal Kingdom adventure with Uncle Ken, Aunt Susan and Savannah Kate.

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