Summer Bullet List

Summer Bullet List-

Such a full summer we’ve had, full of God’s graces in the midst of trials, full of seeing God work amongst His people and full of Kingdom comings…here’s a bullet list of our summer 2012 happenings

-THRUSH (link) consumed our first six weeks of summer, unexpected trial but gained a fresh heart for prayer for those who are suffering from illnesses (thrush is mild compared to what so many endure with no end in sight).   Matthew 8:17 “He took up our infirmities and carried our sicknesses” became the promise I clung to in faith.

-did a Beth Moore Bible study that happened to coincide with the six weeks of thrush.  Experienced a renewed passion and hunger for the Word of God.  Due to her suggestion, started practicing being literally on my face before God at the start of each morning.  No better place to start something I can’t do anyways.

-As soon as thrush cleared up, we were whisked into last minute planning of a two week , 9am-3pm summer camp at OKPCA, with an emphasis on trying to enter into the community at Magnolia Court, the local housing project.  As I led children in memorizing God’s word and doing crafts to reinforce what they were learning from the Word, a passion of mine came alive again.  My own children learn God’s Word daily, but nothing makes my heart sing more, than to see kids exposed to and memorizing the living and active Word of God. The two week stretch was exhausting but also so joyous.

-Each day after summer camp for those two weeks, I sorrowfully helped pack my sister-in-law, Sara-Beth, up for her family’s move to Virginia (and eventually Bangladesh).  I helped her with the very last yard sale, after hosting so many to raise money for their adoption. I am still in awe that God would give me the priceless gift of living 10 houses down from my college roommate-turned-sister-in-law, and that I would get to experience two years of life with little ones alongside one another. Currently trying to focus on the amazing gift, instead of the incredible void now created down in Orlando.

-Friday, July 13, as soon as camp ended, I switched gears to pack a family of 7 up to be on the road for nearly a month.

-Sunday, July 15, we said goodbye to an adopted family member, Adnan, our housemate from Libya.  After living with us for nearly a year, he was leaving to go home for Ramadan and for marriage to his “fiance” (not sure how to explain in it American terms…marriage is SO different in the Middle East!!). He will be sorely missed, as our kids have adored him and we have been enriched by learning so much about Libya, Islam and different cultures. We’ve had the joy of becoming friends with his friends from Libya, Saudi Arabia, Venezuala, Italy and Taiwan.   Thanks to Adnan, the nations have flooded our home.  **A few days before we left, God plopped another Libyan in our lap, who will move in with us after he returns from celebrating Ramadan with his family.

-After Danny preached, we made the 11 hour trek to Birmingham, Alabama to see my almost 87 year old Grandmother. Psalm 19:6 says that God’s Word revives the soul, and my Grandmother is a testimony of the power of God’s Word to transform, to sustain, and to breath health and wholeness into one’s body.  Most women that age spend their days watching television, but my Grandma spends it studying God’s Word for her own personal edification and for the THREE different Bible classes she teaches each week. We enjoyed a SWEET but brief time together.

-Tuesday July 17, went through Atlanta to see Danny’s college housemate and his sweet family, as well as other friends.

-July 18-22 Spent a sweet time time with the extended Iverson clan. HOW JOYFULLY UNREAL it was to see the cutest little Ethiopian running around with his new little cousins.  We were so thankful that our new nephew been brought home just in time to join us for the reunion.  Great is Thy faithfullness was the cry of my heart.  ( I unfortunately was plagued with a horrible stomach bug, then a UTI and then a contact/eyesight issue, but the rest of the crew had a grand old time -and I had fun too when I wasn’t sick in bed)

-July 22-25 Stopped through Waynesboro, VA and flooded Danny’s grandparents house with children and mountains of laundry.  Grandma and Grandpa Chase’s gift of hospitality ministered to us and got us vamped up for the upcoming war.

-During this time we were made aware of a web of misunderstandings, accusations, gossip and the like, which we would need to wade through upon our arrival to Newark.

-Also, I personally was bombarded with the heartbreaking news that a girl who I had discipled and passed much ministry on to, was incredibly ill (I would find out upon arrival to Newark that she has an illness that is killing her quickly and she will die within next year and a half if the Lord does not intervene).  Treking to Newark brought great anticipation but also a heart burdened with grief.

-July 25 Drove up to Newark and joyfully saw SO many people along the street just as we drove into town.  (We seriously couldn’t drive 50 yards without one of us yelling, “Pull over! There is Dashon…or Brandon…or Regina…etc.”  This is the beauty of a community where everyone walks everywhere.)

-July 26, Danny had to fly back to Orlando in order to drive up with our small mission team from OKPCA.  The kids and I stayed with friends in Newark and visited tons of people, while also cleaning and food shopping for the team’s arrival on Saturday.

-July 28 -Aug 3  Led mission team….thats a WHOLE ‘nother blog post! Stay tuned.

-Aug 3-5 Jones family reunion in northern New Jersey.  SWEET time with my father, sister, and brother

-Aug 5 Left for Waynesboro for another stopover on the way back to Florida Arrive at midnight

Aug 7 Embarked on the 13 hour drive back to Orlando, and safely arrived at 3 am on the 8th. Thank you, Lord!

Now Danny and Daniel Josiah start school first thing Monday morning (Aug 13), and life in Oviedo hits the ground running!

***This post would have included lots of pictures, but part of our Newark craziness was dropping my iphone in a cup of water and destroying it, plus all the pictures on it. I might be able to gather some from Danny’s phone and post them soon though.


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  1. N Boehrig
    Aug 08, 2012 @ 21:55:42

    Wow. Loved hearing the updates. Lots to keep praying for. And plenty to rejoice about as well! Love ya’ll!


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