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Cyberspace’s most inconsistent blogger signing in here. Last night, I really did intend to record all the amusing things that Katy-Grace has said in the past several weeks.  The kids were in bed at a decent hour (remarkable!) and I had just moved downstairs to get better internet connection.  I wasn’t half-way through the first sentence, when Nader (our Libyan housemate) came home, sat down at the table and said,

“I didn’t go to sleep until 5 am this morning”

“Oh, no! Why?”

“I was thinking about those questions you asked me at dinner last night.”

The previous night we were all eating in our typically rambunctious manner (its a wonder, he’s willing to join us at our crowded, loud, be-careful-Benjamin’s-dinner-might-land-on-you dinner table each night) and I just felt led to ask him.

“Why are you Muslim?”

It was this question that kept him up all night, thinking, researching, and investigating for himself why he believes what he does.

He started pulling up different things he had seen on the internet.

I knew there would be no blog post written that night.

We had a lot to discuss, questions to be answered. Nader is honestly seeking things out, not to prove that “he’s right, and we’re wrong” but honestly wanting to understand and investigate a faith that has never gone questioned in his life.   We had such a good discussion, no heated arguments, no getting emotional about it, but honest questions and discussions. I came away with research to do on my part, always on a journey to know the Truth. I also came away with a deep respect for him and his desire to know the Truth.  And we shall see where this journey to know the Truth shall lead us. I have an inkling as to where it might lead. His call is irresistible.

And in the meantime, I’ll try to get to that blog post.


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