My little blue-eyed boy

“Is he always like this?”

It’s the question I get from other moms, nursery workers, people in the grocery store who observe him.  The child is just mind-boggling content, sweet natured, and joyful.  SO quick to flash a huge grin, quick to mesmerize onlookers with those crystal blue eyes, and quick to forgive the many older siblings who tend to be a little overly zealous in their love and affection.

Its hard to believe that at one point I was set on preventing….him. The pregnancy with Benjamin had been so hard. My mothering patience level had reached…no, exceeded, its limit. There was just NO way I could do that again. Or so I thought.  I am so thankful for the conviction and leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  The LORD’s plans are always far more glorious than ours.  And our Heavenly Father will lead us into His perfect will for us, as we bend our will to His.  It doesn’t mean it won’t be scary, or trying, but the fruit of our labors will far exceed the sacrifice put into them.  We live for a God who produces an exponential return. This little child’s existence has taught me I Corinthians 4:17 in a very a practical, tangible, a taste-of-what-is-to-come kind of way.

For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

This little child’s life on this earth has only been six months long (out of womb) and the amount of joy, pleasure, laughter, smiles, peace and unity he has brought to our family of seven (much less, relatives and friends!) in those short six months was worth every hour of fatigue, every moment of desperation in raising small children with pregnancy hormones raging, and every ache and pain I endured for 9 months.

So, sweet boy, I literally wake up each morning praising our Creator, for the gift of YOU.  If He can bless me this much with just six months of your life, I can’t wait to see what He does with the rest of it!

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  1. Traci
    Oct 13, 2012 @ 19:42:11

    God knows what and who we need in our lives even more than we know ourselves. My best friend discovered that their family was going to receive an addition not long after she gave all the baby furniture away, and Sadie has been such an incredible joy.


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