From the Mouth of….Katy-Grace

Katy’s grace #1

One night a few weeks ago, we were having family devotions and read the story of Jarius’ daughter being raised back to life.

Danny then asked, “Have any of you seen someone come back alive?”

Daniel Josiah and Trinity solemnly shake their head “no”

Katy-Grace says “Yes! I diiiiiid!”

We asked her “Who did you see get raised back to life?”

She very matter-of-factly replies “The bad guys in the war came back to life.”

A very puzzled mother, says “Who?!?”

“The bad guys that got killed came back to life when the war was all over.”

Mind racing, I remember back to last spring when we went to a Civil War reenactment.  She saw the men get “killed” and at the very end all the “dead” men stood back up and we all clapped for them.

Miracle of Miracles….in the eyes of a 3 year old.

Katy’s grace #2

One morning, we were busily at work on our chores.  I had given Katy-Grace a spray bottle that had had a little bit of Melaleuca cleaner (natural) left in it, I had filled the rest up with water, because I know she goes crazy squirting the floor and spot cleaning for me.  Well about ten minutes later, I’m busy scrubbing something and Benjamin comes up to me crying, rubbing his eyes, and desperately trying to tell me what had happened in a two year old language I have yet to interpret. Entering the kitchen, I saw this

It didn’t take me long to figure out what had happened.

“Katy-Grace, what happened?  Did you squirt Benjamin’s eyes with the cleaner?!?”


Mamma-bear-inner-anger rising at the thought of what could have happened to the eyes of my little toddler, had there been more concentration of the cleaner in that bottle….

“Katy-Grace! Don’t you know that that is so DANGEROUS!!  That could REALLY hurt Benjamin’s eyes! You could make Benjamin BLIND doing that!!”

“Well!… Well!…Well!…Then Jesus could do this… (wipes both hands over her eyes, just like she’d seen an animated Jesus do to a blind beggar in our Bible DVD) …and Jesus would make him SEE again!”

Well, that just pulled the rug right out from under my anger….that’s either flippant faith or child-like faith, but it made me laugh.

Unfortunately for her, making mommy laugh doesn’t get you out of discipline for spraying your brother’s eyes with floor cleaner.

Katy’s grace #3

I was busily at work chopping vegetables for dinner, when Katy-Grace comes running down the stairs saying “You need Jesus!”

“YOU need Jesus!”

“Mommy, you need Jesus!”

“You’re right, honey.”

“You got mad at me for not buckling my car seat today, and you needed Jesus!”

For the record…or my own self-justification, the event had happened earlier in the day, and I got angry because I asked her about 8 times to do it-she’s perfectly capable of buckling it when she first gets into the car, I’ve seen her do it plenty of times, when motivated by rewards-and I had gotten really frustrated at her lack of obedience and lack of focus on what I told her to do.

Evidently, she had an epiphany while playing in her room as to the remedy for Mommy getting angry.

“You’re right, Katy-Grace.  My only hope is Jesus dying for me and  then having Jesus live in me now.  Will you forgive me for getting angry at you?”

(Can you tell that my apologies for losing it with the kids, comes with the confession that I need Jesus and His forgiveness?  Even though I fail so much, at least the repentance and confessions are sticking with her…)


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