Mirror, Mirror in my Kid–Reflecting All I Said and Did

You might think you’re holy (or at least close)… and then God will give you kids.

And you might think you’re pleasantly being sanctified by those infant months when you have to “give” a little to a new cute bundle of joy.

And then you might be a bit more broken and needy for wisdom, when they hit the terrible twos.

And THEN, you will be utterly disgusted by the sin habits that emerge in those little ones, as they grow, develop, and become


When I’m utterly exhausted by the complaining spirits over the meals I make, or the chores enforced, or the reading time logged in, I start to wonder WHY everyone is complaining so much and see what a drain my lack of gratitude is to my Maker.

When I’m annoyed at my oldest trying to manipulate his way by begging and prodding, I see a bit tarnished mirror of what I put my father through oh so many years ago.

When I am exasperated by “random act of violence” committed by my three year old to whomever is in her path, I have to wonder has my roughness towards her at times stemmed this? Has she learned that this way of acting out is the only way to get mommy’s attention, negative though it is?

When everyone is tense and at odds with each other, I have to wonder, “Have I set the tone for this?”

When I hear loud outbursts between siblings, they sound oh-so-painfully-familiar,  I know they are mimicking such outbursts from the one leading them.

When my usually helpful and compliant little girl starts to get that a look of hardness towards me in her eye, I always know its a sure sign of having lost her respect (usually from my own anger outbursts towards them, followed by self-righteous, self-justification over why I got angry)

When my two year old boy is screeching over his different needs, but then melts into tears saying “Hole me. Hole me.”, I see how in my rushing from one activity to the next, I have missed the most importantly activity-cuddling, loving, and holding close my rapidly growing boy.

When you have children,      you    can’t     hide.

You have mirrors always present to reflect what is in your heart as it comes out.

And God saw fit to fill our home with five of them

reflecting EVERY ANGLE.

So when life and spirit and heart are so vividly on display,

with fear and trembling, one’s day must begin on one’s face before the God who calls Himself Love.  (I John 4:8)

one’s soul must be filled up with the all-satisfying Living Water (John 7:35)

and one must clothe himself with the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 13:14)

because anything else that is reflected is just, well, ugly.

And those mirrors need to see a humility quick to confess (over and over again) one’s failure and need of the Saving Grace that covers it all.

May this poor, ugly mamma die, and may the resurrected Living Lord LIVE with in her

That she might reflect His beauty,

and these five little mirrors might reflect HIS Spirit.


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  1. nanacindyflowers
    Jan 27, 2013 @ 03:14:09



  2. anonymous
    Jan 27, 2013 @ 13:29:28

    lovely song 🙂 with unveiled faces we all contemplate the Lord’s glory and are being transformed into His image with ever-increasing glory which comes from the Lord who is the Spirit. 2 Cor 3:18


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