The Joy Dare

I’m always a bit late…in everything I do. Whether it be meeting you at the park for a playdate, getting a blog post up, or getting on the Ann Voskamp bandwagon. I read her book, A Thousand Gifts, last spring after a very dark time of being exhausted by the little soul I was growing within, and the daunting task of raising and educating four small ones. The book had a huge impact on me, and I began recording the gifts the Lord was giving me each day. Then…it…fizzled…out…at around #297. But raising now five little ones and the unending housework (as soon as I get one thing done, 10 little hands have undone about 30 things-they work so much more quickly than I do), and the barking of orders I do, and the complaining spirits that I butt heads with (it simply couldn’t be a mirror image, could it?), all make one, well, weary. And if I’m not proactively counting the blessings, the complaints in heart and mind take over like weeds-crowding out the fruit bearing growth.

So here I am, to start the Joy Dare, and start my list over again…because these precious lives that I’m called to love and disciple, get hidden behind the veil of the never ending to-do list and the daunting task of maintaining some order in this chaotic and full home. And, because, I truly believe Scripture when it says, “Children are a heritage from The Lord, offspring a reward from Him” (Psalm 127:3) I want to RECEIVE all the reward they are RIGHT NOW. I want that Matthew 18 kind of living- like a child always trusting, always receiving and enjoying in wonder and awe the world set before them. After all, I will never enter the Kingdom of God unless I become like them. So, here I am to receive the gifts and record them, because I KNOW they are there, I just often don’t unwrap them.

So, here. we begin the thrill of seeing life in view of God’s goodness towards us…
1. The Gift of the YMCA childcare offering me a few moments of clarity to write this

2. The loving, generous big brother who made membership to the YMCA possible

3. Windy days and the surge of a gust whisking my breath away

4. Children to enjoy the wind with

5. Sunshine, ever faithful to brighten the day…and my heart

6. The state of Florida, and its clos(er) proximity to the equator

7. the slow content breathing of the sleeping babe cradled close

8. a sweaty, curly head of my baby-now-boy resting against my shoulder

9. being married to my best friend

10. my handsome boy-turned-lad flicking his blonde,overly-long locks out of his eyes so he can work on his project

11. jeans, folded up at bottom with anticipation of the ever-stretching legs to fill eventually  (reminds me of The Sandlot)

12.  A curly headed three year old preaching the Gospel to her mamma, after such mamma confesses her sin of losing her patience

13. warm, milky chai

14. the human soul, and its desire to connect with it’s Maker and others

15. little girls busy at work putting away groceries (even if its not very organized)

A Holy Experience


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah Munjal
    Jan 19, 2013 @ 17:02:15

    I would not survive without the Y either! I am inspired by your project and hope you get at least a few seconds of peace a day as well….even if it is in the bathroom.


  2. naughtbutgood
    Jan 19, 2013 @ 19:25:37

    LOVE your list! When I stopped at 1000, my friends noticed my attitude change, so I’m back on it … as a lifer!


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