Joy Dare

A Holy Experience

According to the Joy Dare, if I record 3 gifts a day, every day for a year, I will have communed with the Father over the receiving of One Thousand Gifts by the end of the year. So here is this week’s collection (with some added in because, like I said last week, I’m always behind)
16. Brilliant moonlight reflecting off palm branches
17. Baby boys turned best brothers
18. The budding language abilities in my curly headed toddler
19. Aforesaid curly headed toddler lost in his own imaginary world all.the.time.
20. Baby babble
21. The excitement of bath time for a 9 month old
22. Bike rides
23. A new neighbor-turned-best-friend for my  boy-turned-lad
24. Hours of outside play for my kids
25. Backyard forts
26. The satisfaction of decluttering
27. The ambiance a lit candle brings to a dim room
28. Flickering flames
29. Phone conversations with friends on other continents
30. Crisp fresh apple slices
31. A captive audience for tales being read aloud
32. Little tiny fingers clutching mine
33. A curious baby exploring his world
34. Big brown eyes with so much spirit behind them
35. A toothless grin
36. Hearing the Apostles Creed declared in Korean and English simultaneously, and the privilege of hearing it every week

37. The feeling a good book in one’s hands

38. toothebrushes

39. clean teethe

40. a cool breeze whisping in through the window

41. bittersweet joy of death to self, because fighting to keep self…. makes one miserable.

42. a husband who cooked dinner

43. good preaching

44. going for a run

45. the countless nerves, brain waves, muscles, ligaments and bones that make that run possible

46.  the fact that the brain releases endorphins after exercise

47.sleeping babes, and the quiet of the house at this time of day

Can I just highly recommend this experiment? It put me in a good mood just re-recording these things!


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