Give Me Jesus

When I rise this morning, to a strangely familiar list of “to-do’s” (oh wait, I did all this yesterday)

1. referee many arguments (you’ve only been awake 10 minutes and your already bickering over something!)

2. make MANY meals

3. Clean up from all those meals

4. Try to wrangle in 4 little people’s attention span so that I can impart some kind of education to them

5. change who-knows-how-many dirty diapers…always right in the middle of the math lesson, or the dinner hour or some other inconvenient time.

6. discipline for all the disobedience’s

7. fight the losing laundry battle

8. catch up on all the chores that I somehow didn’t get to the past several days

My hope cannot be in the accomplishing of tasks, because those tasks will need to be repeated over and over and over again.

But when those tasks become meeting places to meet a LORD who has promised to abide in me as I abide in Him, then that repetitive list of To-Do’s becomes time carved out to commune with my Savior.

So instead of trying to merely wake up before the kids so I can meet with Him…

or rush them through the day to naptime or bedtime so that I can meet with Him…

I invite Him IN.

Into all those moments of harried mess-control, temper-control, child-control…


When I’m sorting, washing, folding clothes, never to have the satisfaction of “getting on top of it”……give me Jesus.

When I have to stop, once more, to discipline that same heart-issue-turned-disobedient-act in my child…..give me Jesus.

When I can’t cook food as fast as it is consumed, but keep chopping and stirring and preparing anyways….give me Jesus.

When I’m changing the 13th nasty poopy diaper of the day…..give me Jesus.

When I’m finally on a roll “accomplishing” something, and have to stop to mend the skinned knee….give me Jesus.

In all the humdrum of many small, seemingly insignificant tasks…give me Jesus.

And when I have HIM in it all…there is a peace, there is a perseverance, there is a joy

that could never come if I was singing through life to the tune of  “Give Me my “To-Do List” “.

Instead, I’ll hum it a thousand times today…



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. djones6750
    Jan 31, 2013 @ 14:10:04

    Excellent! Yes. Invite Jesus into the middle of everything, every tear, every moment, prayer with each child. Love, Dad


  2. Anne Murphy
    Jan 31, 2013 @ 15:19:59

    Dearest Kimblerly,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughtful blogs, honey, and am glad you are learning to turn the MESS into the MESSAGE and the trials into the triumphs – never easy, but oh so important, not only in the land of little people, but in all the seasons of life. I love you and keep you and your precious family in my daily prayers.



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