Joy Dare ~ 3rd addition

A Holy Experience

To follow this string of gifts recorded, start here….The Joy Dare, Joy Dare

48. whisps of cirrus clouds smeared across a brilliant blue sky

49. picnics and canoe trips

50. the tinted sun beams of a setting sun splintering through cracked door and clear glass

51. an inquisitive little three year old girl

52. a late night reading session with the one who napped too long that day

53. music created….by dinner guests, host, and all the kids during evening family worship

54. the young children’s satisfaction of being able to rattle off catechism questions

55. the warmth the rising sun brings

56. the orchestra of bird song all sung together

57. the LIVING word of God and how it fills the soul

58. a long chat with an old friend

59. the cuteness factor of the two year old’s pouting position (head in hands, crouched in corner)

60. my wise, godly grandmother

61. hand written notes from that grandmother

62. a family of five living, ministering in a dangerous country, because their safety is in the hands of their Father, not where they live

63. all who risk everything for the sake of the Gospel, and the challenge they lay before us

64. the privilege of leading hungry souls to the truth of God’s word

65. the cheeriness of lemons and limes as a table centerpiece

66. God’s design for the vast variety of color to all spring forth from the same brown dirt

67. Spanish moss draped over sprawling oak

68. Scripture’s outline for relationship reconciliation

69. the actual applying of such an outline and the release that comes with that obedience


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