My Little One Year Old!!

Image 7

A year ago, yesterday

Zao Malachi Iverson

entered our world.

And this first year of life has been a blessed one!

The smiles, laughter, and joy this little one has brought are innumerable. Trinity’s class presentation yesterday consisted of her sharing about her brother and how she is so thankful that he is part of our family. “Malachi brings lots of laughter to our family” she said…a five year old testifying to the joy of LIFE (and the many of them in our home). This little guy, so curious, and so determined to keep up with the little brood that is always running around is a constant joy….even when he’s unloaded the pantry shelf for the tenth time today. He interacts with his brothers like a little puppy…ready to tumble and wrestle, crawl and “run” around the house chasing each other.  He patiently plays the role of “baby” to his sisters who love to carry him around and mother him. He never ceases to give mommy little joyful respites to her day as we cuddle or tickle or blow on bellies to create laughter and that huge all-encompassing grin. How thankful I am, that we did not just settle for “what we could handle” and prevent this little one from entering into and blessing our lives.  

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