Faith Builder

**I recently submitted this to a writing contest about how God grows our faith through pregnancy. Thought I’d post it, too.

Those stable, responsible let-me-tell-you-what-I-know church goers there in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. thought they were doing us a favor by telling this energetic, young, poor newly-wed couple about how to build a family.

“You really should have a couple of years to really get to know each other and build your relationship first.”

And what doesn’t build a relationship more than patience through pregnancy hormone swings, and late night craving runs, and a wife that learns to serve her husband even when she’s dead exhausted.

“You definitely should get yourself financially established first. Children are very expensive.”

And doesn’t the One who knits the priceless form in the womb, who provides the miracle of the eye, or the steadfastness of the beating heart, or the complexity of the human cell also know how to provide some clothing to cover it all and a place to lay the slumbering life, with a few diapers thrown in?

“Your education is crucial, and you should be able to use your abilities in your career before you get tied down with children.”

And the kind of education that lasts forever is the sanctifying one that a new human wholly dependent on you creates, and my abilities poured out to enable another’s to grow and flourish is the closest career I can find to the career path of my Lord, who lived, and died, not for Himself but for others.

Nope, we decided to let God be God. Not that it wasn’t scary. Not that we didn’t know how on earth we would pay for, provide for, give our lives for the gift of a child. But we knew a God, who from the beginning of time, built families in His perfect timing and way. As far as we reckoned, so far He had done a pretty good job so we’d let him keep at it.

His building of ours started five months into this marriage. Exactly two weeks before our health insurance would have covered a pregnancy. Exactly. On. Time.

On time for God to prove that if He decided to give a child to a ramen-eating, don’t-turn-on-the-heat-in-this-borrowed-house-because-we-can’t-afford-the-bill, couple who had just finished pleading with the insurance company that we were just a mere 14 days away from the insurance kick in date, then if they merely learned to plead to Him, He would blow.their.minds.

Hand in hand and heart in heart, we did plead with Him.
And He did blow our minds.

It wasn’t twenty minutes before the phone rang.

And on the other line was a job offer that would start 3 months before the due date, which would provide health insurance, including “pre-existing” conditions… pregnancies. And deliveries. Which ended up being in a hospital that could have been mistaken for a five star hotel.

And that was just the beginning.

Maternity clothes, crib and pack’n’play, strollers, car seats, clothes, blankets, pacifiers, diapers, more clothes, slings, more diapers (a three month supply!), baby medicines, bottles, breast pumps, baby books, baby toys, gift cards…..

All started streaming in.

We did not pay one dollar towards the needs of this child until he was four months old. We did not purchase one article of clothing for him until he was four years old.

If this God we serve can knit a miracle together in my womb, you better believe He knows how to come up with some diapers for that miracle’s bum.

And He knows how to breath faith into His children who, (even nervously) let HIM be the builder of the family.

How’s that for a response to those responsible, wise words which counseled against our first-born’s existence.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kasey
    May 08, 2013 @ 00:55:17

    Thank you for your beautiful message about God’s faithfulness to family’s who trust and lean on Him, regardless of what the world preaches. As christians our testimonies are shared by our life experiences and I am blessed to see how God has provided for you as you fill your quiver with arrows! 🙂


  2. Jenny
    May 08, 2013 @ 01:00:49

    love it!!! Praise God for His faithfulness and your desire to follow Him.


  3. 3arrows
    May 08, 2013 @ 01:51:04

    Nay-sayers are the saint’s impetus to trusting God for even greater things.


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