Broken, just enough

Danny when he first got his motorcycle

Danny when he first got his motorcycle

He was to be the capstone preacher for the Young Leader’s preaching series this summer. He had several excellent sermons to follow. There is always the questions, “what do you focus on?”, “how will you be received?” “what do you wear?” when you preach for a 6,000 member church.  When a man prepares to bring God’s Word to a crowd it is a struggle to fight the intermingling motives of wanting to be faithful to the Word of God, and wanting to be approved of.

Thats’ why he had to be broken, just enough.

Sunday afternoon, one week before he was to preach, we finally both returned home after dropping off multiple people after service (we take two different cars because we have so many stops to make…God is working in people’s lives to want to come to Perimeter Church!)

“I feel really led to go back to the office and work some more on my sermon.”

He tells me when he gets home.

Three of the five kiddos had JUST fallen asleep, so I send him off to go listen to the Lord.

or get broken, just enough, by Him.

Thirty minutes later, moments away from me getting to lie down and rest this pregnant body, I get a phone call.

An agonizing voice on the other end,

“Honey, I’ve been in a motorcycle accident….I can’t move my arm, its dislocated. An ambulance is coming for me. Can you meet me at the hospital?”

Shock. Then disbelief. Then the adrenaline starts pumping.

As he groans in pain I pray over him and hang up the phone. Quick phone calls are made to find someone to dump five children off to while I go meet my who-knows-what-else-is-broken-or-damaged husband at the ER.

On the way there I see the sight of the accident, his motorcycle and the cop still waiting for the tow truck to come. I quickly pull over and talk to the officer.

“Ma’am your husband will be fine (i hear wailing coming from inside my car…”Daddy!!! Is Daddy going to be OK??? I want Daddy!!!”) but he sure got lucky.  He’s gonna be in some serious pain but he can be glad there were no cars right behind him…they would have run right over him. He got off real easy for a motorcycle accident.”

I get some more information from the officer and then continue on my trek to drop my sobbing children off at a friend’s house.

“God is so good, guys!  Daddy’s going to be OK. God protected Daddy so much, and even though his arm is hurt, there is so much more that could have happened to him!”

“But Daddy won’t be able to make cheesy eggs for us!! Daddy won’t be able to take us to the pool!  Can Daddy still play basketball with me?!?”

But they calm down as we try to name all the things God protected Daddy from, instead of what DID happen.

I get to the hospital just in time for the nurse to tell me, “Ma’am you’ll have to wait in the hall. We don’t like family members to be around while we pop joints back into place. We’ll come get you when he wakes back up again.”

Danny’s mentor had beat me to the hospital (he didn’t have sleeping children to load into the car and go drop of) and he waits with me in the lobby, calming my fears and keeping me occupied so that my imaginative worry doesn’t take over.

We finally get called back in.

Danny in pain after getting his arm popped back into joint and the gravel scrubbed out of his road rash.

Danny in pain after getting his arm popped back into joint and the gravel scrubbed out of his road rash.

The nurses are busy cleaning gravel and dirt out of his road-rash-ripped-up-arms and hands. I start breathing freely again as the doctor reports that there are no major head injuries, and no broken bones.

But God had done some breaking.

Danny being broken, just enough, to get his attention.

Broken just enough, to pierce through muddled thinking in order to get the Eternal Kingdom in clear view.

Broken just enough to disengage from caring about temporal things like what people think.

Broken just enough, to need an abundance of prayers…

which led to the healing of body and healing of heart.

A heart broken just enough, and healed just enough, to hear, discern, and then deliver the most powerful sermon I have heard preached.

Would you like to watch it  or hear it, too?

Be ready to be broken

Our summer to date

Where does a pregnant lady bury herself for a full month (besides, in bed with a bag of dark chocolate…or so she wishes) ?.  Well, here’s a bullet list of summer high-points so far (and a few low-points)

High Points:

-A MUCH slower pace (well…as slow as you can get with five kids to keep occupied), where this pregnant mamma didn’t have to rush kids out the door for school at 7:30 am. This has greatly helped her attitude and patience level.

-Because of not having to get up so early, we have lingered over and invited neighborhood kids into our evening family devotions. We have gone through Genesis and Exodus now and it has been SO COOL to see the kids “connect the dots” of sporatic Bible stories into one continuous narrative of peoples and events.  One neighborhood girl was playing at our house all day and evening and then when we were about to have devotions she decided that she needed to go home all of a sudden. We convinced her to stay and by the end of the chapter she was begging me to not stop reading…truly how sweet the Word of God is…food for our souls and excitement to our sense of adventure.

– reading books together, doing some school work with the kids, haircuts, and little excursions to parks, pools, and other fun places.

IMG_4703 IMG_4688 IMG_4658


photo 1 photo 3

-A trek West , stopping through Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi.  (a place where Danny spent three years of his life as a child, while his father went through seminary there) and a sweet visit some Japanese friends from Danny’s dad church, who are studying to be prepared to go back to Japan.



– COUSIN TIME!!! Danny had to attend General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of America in Houston (because he is ordained now!)  My older brother, Ken, and his lovely wife Susan, and three kids live in Houston.  So while Danny was sitting in church meetings, Susan and I traipsed eight children on fun excursions around town: Children’s Museum, the Zoo, splash pads and parks, and eventually the beach….


Cousin Bonding Time!


Children’s Museum



I got to meet my precious nephew for the first time! Loved having cuddle time with this sweet boy!



Cousins enjoyed watching a super hero show and meeting characters.



Katy-Grace and her cousin, Savannah Kate (both named after their grandma) Enjoying splash pads and sidewalk chalk.



Houston Zoo…the girls wrangling the rhino…



Benjamin and his FAVORITE…the tiger.



-And educational trip through New Orleans on the way back from Texas.  I have been reading to the kids these American Girl doll books that take place in New Orleans…So we went and saw where “Cecile and Marie Grace” lived, shopped and became friends.


Because of these books that we have devoured (and even Daniel Josiah was really into the stories), we learned about location, racial relationships, yellow fever, medical practices of the day, orphanages, Mardi Gra and masquerade balls, and the foods of the day. It was wonderful to bring to life all the ideas and imaginations, with real places…

We did an educational kids tour that was excellent and reinforced and added to all that we had been reading about and learning:


Learning about the dress and etiquette of the day



Katy-Grace practicing her curtsy



Trinity practicing her curtsy



Getting to use tour props



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-On our westward excursion we spent a over 30 hours in the car together…and surprisingly, we didn’t watch ANY videos the whole time, but were mesmerized by books on CD (Miss Pigglewiggle, Quake (about the San Francisco earthquake) Indian and the Cupboard, Odyssey and the book of Luke (from the Bible) AND WE DIDNT KILL EACH OTHER….It was actually a blessed time….based on how many snacks I had on hand 🙂


Some Low Points:

-despite the slowed pace, there are still many evenings that mommy feels overwhelmed, and therefore deals with it with it in a very mature fashion…by yelling……. Lord, change me .

-on ONE particular evening, Danny was off at church meetings, I was watching my kids, a friend’s kids, AND some neighborhood kids (9 kids to wrangle, feed, and get ready for bed! not to mention, the one I’m lugging around in my belly)


BEFORE the mud pit fiasco


Jaelle and Adrianna…things deceiving LOOK calm

So in an attempt to get them out of the way so I could get dinner ready for everyone, I sent them to play in the backyard….where they had the GREAT idea to dig a hole, turn on the hose, FILL the hole, and “make their own mud pit” and this all happened within the span of 15-20 minutes!!! Malachi really loved the idea and appeared in my kitchen (with a trail of mud behind him) looking like this from head to toe:



So dinner was paused, all kids were stripped of socks and shoes and “caged” on the back porch while I bathed Malachi, scrubbed up mud from all throughout house (it even got all over my CLEAN clothes which Benjamin had dumped out of the laundry basket before leaving to go make the mud pit).  Well. We ate dinner at 8:30 that night. And mommy cried.  And is now laughing about it in hindsight (unfortunately, pregnancy hormones don’t allow for that type of perspective IN the moment)


Malachi trying to drink the soap. AWESOME.

-And most of the other low points of the summer have been due to Mommy breaking down over similar situations…

-Stay tuned for a low, turned high point for Danny this summer…