The death of grumbling

“Now these things occurred as examples to keep us from setting our hearts on evil things as they did….we should not commit sexual immorality, as some of them did- and in one day twenty-three thousand of them died. We should not test the Lord, as some of them did-and we’re killed by snakes. And do not grumble, as some of them did- and were killed by the destroying angel.” 1 Corinthians 10:6,8-10

There you have it, ranked up there with sexual immorality and testing the Lord, the sin that brings death is the sin of grumbling…

And to combat the grumbling, I will count the gifts.

The only other alternative is death…
Death of contentment
Death of peace in our home
Death of relationship with my kids
Death of love and romance in my marriage
And most importantly, death of communion with my Father.
There are only two options, either death of all these things,
or the death of grumbling.
So let grumbling die, that abundant life might flourish…

The gift list continues….

70. Long nature walks with kids
71. The wonder of spotting an alligator and many turtles lazing in the sun
72. Little legs learning to walk
73. Little brothers playing like puppies and thinking it’s hysterical
74. Overhearing Trinity belting out songs downstairs
75. Baby fingers always exploring
76. Car rides with the kids and a captive audience to missionary biographies
77. A seven year old’s eagerness to obtain his own Bible so he can read it for himself
78. Backyard forts built by my own little brood plus neighborhood kids
79. The accomplishment of my little five year old shedding her training wheels
80. comraderie formed with my husband over surviving the young years and all that entails
81. The words ” I love you, Mommy”
82. Knowing the grace associated with those words, because that day I didn’t deserved to be loved as a mommy.
83. Little hands trying to be helpful
84. The community of believers who rally around
85. Learning to laugh over the ridiculously hard things, instead of cry over them
86. The physical act of laughing
87. Green eggs and green grits to celebrate St. Patricks day
88. The life and example of St. Patrick
89. Neighbors who love and enjoy our kids despite the noise level and mess level of our yard
90. Korean women bustling around the church kitchen
91. Running water
92. The ENDLESS playfulness of my two year old
93. Katy-Grace doing the “Ducks Waddling” song
94. The sounds of keys hitting strings which results in beautiful melodies
95. Being part of a homeschool co-op
96. That plans out and executes the science and art projects
97. So I don’t have to
98. A very faithful washing machine and dryer
99. The satisfaction of making your own laundry detergent
100. With little girls who are ever learning how to run their own home one day

Joy Dare ~ 3rd addition

A Holy Experience

To follow this string of gifts recorded, start here….The Joy Dare, Joy Dare

48. whisps of cirrus clouds smeared across a brilliant blue sky

49. picnics and canoe trips

50. the tinted sun beams of a setting sun splintering through cracked door and clear glass

51. an inquisitive little three year old girl

52. a late night reading session with the one who napped too long that day

53. music created….by dinner guests, host, and all the kids during evening family worship

54. the young children’s satisfaction of being able to rattle off catechism questions

55. the warmth the rising sun brings

56. the orchestra of bird song all sung together

57. the LIVING word of God and how it fills the soul

58. a long chat with an old friend

59. the cuteness factor of the two year old’s pouting position (head in hands, crouched in corner)

60. my wise, godly grandmother

61. hand written notes from that grandmother

62. a family of five living, ministering in a dangerous country, because their safety is in the hands of their Father, not where they live

63. all who risk everything for the sake of the Gospel, and the challenge they lay before us

64. the privilege of leading hungry souls to the truth of God’s word

65. the cheeriness of lemons and limes as a table centerpiece

66. God’s design for the vast variety of color to all spring forth from the same brown dirt

67. Spanish moss draped over sprawling oak

68. Scripture’s outline for relationship reconciliation

69. the actual applying of such an outline and the release that comes with that obedience

Joy Dare

A Holy Experience

According to the Joy Dare, if I record 3 gifts a day, every day for a year, I will have communed with the Father over the receiving of One Thousand Gifts by the end of the year. So here is this week’s collection (with some added in because, like I said last week, I’m always behind)
16. Brilliant moonlight reflecting off palm branches
17. Baby boys turned best brothers
18. The budding language abilities in my curly headed toddler
19. Aforesaid curly headed toddler lost in his own imaginary world all.the.time.
20. Baby babble
21. The excitement of bath time for a 9 month old
22. Bike rides
23. A new neighbor-turned-best-friend for my  boy-turned-lad
24. Hours of outside play for my kids
25. Backyard forts
26. The satisfaction of decluttering
27. The ambiance a lit candle brings to a dim room
28. Flickering flames
29. Phone conversations with friends on other continents
30. Crisp fresh apple slices
31. A captive audience for tales being read aloud
32. Little tiny fingers clutching mine
33. A curious baby exploring his world
34. Big brown eyes with so much spirit behind them
35. A toothless grin
36. Hearing the Apostles Creed declared in Korean and English simultaneously, and the privilege of hearing it every week

37. The feeling a good book in one’s hands

38. toothebrushes

39. clean teethe

40. a cool breeze whisping in through the window

41. bittersweet joy of death to self, because fighting to keep self…. makes one miserable.

42. a husband who cooked dinner

43. good preaching

44. going for a run

45. the countless nerves, brain waves, muscles, ligaments and bones that make that run possible

46.  the fact that the brain releases endorphins after exercise

47.sleeping babes, and the quiet of the house at this time of day

Can I just highly recommend this experiment? It put me in a good mood just re-recording these things!